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Pfaff Mechanical Insulation specializes in the application of mechanical insulation within the I.C.I sector. We provide quality results at a competitive price within your schedule.


Pfaff Mechanical Insulation is a contracting business that specializes in the application of mechanical insulation of all types. Pfaff Mechanical Insulation prides itself in providing the best services, products and workmanship available in the industry. A large majority of our work comes from repeat customers in the Food, Beverage, Construction and Pharmaceutical Sectors.

We supply and install insulation materials such as: Fiberglass, Armaflex, Mineral Fiber and SM all available in pre-formed pipe, board and blanket forms. We supply and install insulation protective cladding materials such as: PVC, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Ventureclad and Canvas as well as many different types of mastic's. These materials are chosen to suit the specific needs of the mechanical system they are being applied to.

Examples of systems we insulate are: plumbing, HVAC piping and duct, hot water tanks, holding tanks, steam and condensate, glycol heating and cooling and chilled water just to name a few.  We apply mechanical insulation to conserve energy, for burn protection, to stop pipes from sweating or creating ice and to protect duct and pipe from the elements.

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With years of experience in planning, managing, and executing construction projects Pfaff Mechanical Insulation Inc will not let you down. Our team is professional and reliable, our products are the best available and we will work within your constraints. We always stay on the job until it's done to your satisfaction!